The GISS Program Model consists of three components that allow trustees and presidents from each college to initiate and continue work on student success:


Initial Institute - Teams of at least three trustees and the CEO of each college in a participating state gather to learn about effective and data-informed governance for student success and create an action agenda.

Ongoing engagement – Boards review the impact of interventions to inform policies and resource allocation. The GISS team follows up with presidents and boards to offer continued support and review progress.

GISS 2 – Typically, 12 to 18 months after the institute, colleges participate in a second state-wide institute to review progress made and assure continued momentum in data-informed governance. The second and subsequent institutes are customized to each state to address key issues related to trustees’ student success efforts. Ongoing engagement and follow-up continue.


Key elements of the institutes are:

1.) Data Collection and Review – The GISS team compiles board self-assessment and cohort data for use during the institute.

Data Collection and Review

2.) Hands-on Training – The institute promotes data-informed governance. It provides focused training for trustees aimed at elevating their understanding of how governance coordinated between the board and president can advance a culture of evidence and, ultimately, improve student success and completion.

Hands-on Training

3.) Policy Action Agenda – The GISS institute culminates with presidents and boards developing an action agenda. Together they create a list of Commitments to Action based on what they learned from the institute and their fellow colleagues.

Policy Action Agenda


Policy Action Agenda

The GISS Program Model

GISS Program Model


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