The GISS focuses on two types of data: The Board Self-Assessment and College Data


Board Self-Assessment

The GISS board self-assessment process is an opportunity for each participating board to take stock of its contributions and identify areas for improvement, establish a learning agenda around issues and needs, and strengthen the board/president relationship. Each board member completes a 60-question survey that measures the board’s performance across six categories:

1) Effective leadership: roles and responsibilities of the board;

2) The right chemistry: board/trustee/chair/president relationship;

3) Leading by example: being productive and consistent;

4) Big picture focus: institutional effectiveness;

5) Institutional readiness for student success;

6) Experience as an individual trustee.

College Data

Each college works with a data coach to review longitudinal student cohort data focusing on momentum points such as course completion, persistence, and degree attainment.

GISS data analysis 

GISS data analysis

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