Institutes: First, Second & Multi-year Follow-up Institutes & Regional Institutes

Community and technical college trustees and presidents from across the state typically attend a two-day institute to share challenges they have faced and successes achieved, become familiar with methodologies used to achieve student success goals, create opportunities for collaboration, and build awareness of student success through data analysis. The institute also offers dedicated time for college trustees and chancellor/president to reflect, plan, and develop commitments on how they will lead their institution to action on student success, equity and completion.


Initial GISS Institute:

During an initial GISS gathering, teams of trustees and CEOs from community college districts learn about effective governance practices and ways to utilize the Board Self-Assessment to determine their readiness to undertake student success in their colleges.

Trustees and CEOs learn how to review student success data from their colleges over time and to work effectively and collaboratively to strengthen policies toward an equity and student success and completion agenda.


Second GISS Institute:

The second GISS reinforces and expands the learning for trustees and presidents who participated in the original GISS institute. This GISS builds upon what was examined during the first convening and takes the colleges to the next level of student success work. The curriculum is more robust and trustees are given new data, tools, and resources. It is offered as a follow-up program to all states/colleges that participate in the GISS sessions.


Follow-up Institutes:

Since 2009, the GISS institutes have been held in 12 states. As governing board membership changes and as chancellors and college presidents change, colleges and states have asked for follow-up institutes. While we recommend annual Board Self-Assessments by ACCT for each college, usually institutions request a follow-up institute between 18 months to two years after an institute. Larger states may require additional GISS institutes within a calendar year.


Regional GISS:

The regional model allows colleges, based on geographic location, to gather together at a central location for a GISS institute. At the regional GISS, each college team will learn and share tools and methodologies necessary for effective governance, creating the synergy and tension to break down barriers, build awareness, and propel action leading to student success. In addition, the teams receive individualized reports on board self-assessments and student success data.



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