Ongoing Engagement

Momentum developed at the first institute is sustained through:

1) Second and multi-year GISS institutes over time,
2) Symposia and conference workshops,
3) Follow-up Board Self-Assessments,
4) Board retreats & workshops, and mediation and conflict resolution sessions,
5) Board policy reviews, institutional leadership analysis, presidential evaluations, and succession planning, trustee webinars, and
6) Online Trustee Education resources provided to support leaders and governing boards as they
act to improve student success.


Annual Symposium and Conference Workshops:

GISS participants are invited to ACCT's pre-conference Invitational Symposium and workshops where they have opportunities to connect with national leaders and organizations and other trustees from around the country who are all working on the student success, equity and completion agenda. Board efforts are nationally recognized at these venues.


Trainings and Retreats:

Community college boards in a state or region, or at individual schools can request follow-up trainings or retreats to work on specific governance or board/president relationship issues to achieve student success. Participants may include the president, board of trustees, senior administrative team, and institutional researcher.


Online Resources:

Webinars, Trustee Talk online trustee newsletter, online forums, video book talks, interactive programming and diagnostic tools, and resources, are available to GISS participants. Be sure to go to Trustee Education on the ACCT website.

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