2015 Miami Dade College, Miami, FL

GISS-Florida 2015 was the second GISS held in Florida, October 29 & 30, 2015, as a two-day event. In the president’s boardroom at the Wolfson Campus of Miami Dade College. Trustees and presidents from 3 of Florida’s community college districts attended. This GISS was both a training institute for trustees and presidents and a planning session for a statewide GISS event in 2016.

GISS in Florida

Guest speakers included Dr. Jose Vincente, President of Miami Dade College; Michael Brawer, Executive Director and CEO of the Association of Florida Colleges; and Dr. Lenore Rodicio, College Provost. Susan Mayer, Leadership Coach for MDC’s Student Achievement Initiatives, and Adam Porro, Director of Student Centered Services at MDC presented on Promising Practices to Promote Student Achievement. Chancellor of the Florida College System, Dr. Madeline Pumariega, also spoke about student success from the state perspective in a Planning Student Success for 2016 session.

Florida Meeting


2013 Initial GISS-Florida Meeting

Over 100 trustees and presidents from 17 Florida community colleges met in Orlando during the Association of Florida Colleges First Annual Trustees meeting on September 12, 2013. During the GISS meeting, trustees focused on effective governance teams; the value of data; and policies, lessons, and commitments to transform community colleges for student success. In accordance with the Florida “Sunshine Laws,” the GISS institute provided more generalized training, while the board self-assessment and data review were done with individual colleges.

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