Norma 2Norma W. Goldstein, Ph.D
Director of GISS & Special Projects

Norma is Director of GISS & Special Projects for ACCT. A Dean of Humanities and regional accreditation evaluator for the past 20 years in Washington State and an academic dean in Maryland, she has served on numerous nonprofit boards and has chaired the Washington State Articulation and Transfer Council. In addition, for five years, she managed and edited a National Skills Standards project for the State of Washington, Skill Standards for Professional-Technical College Faculty and Customized Trainers. A long-time editor, poet and writer for national and statewide publications, Dr. Goldstein is currently responsible for various ACCT Trustee Education initiatives and directing GISS institutes across the country.

Dr. Goldstein has also served as Director of the East Mississippi Center for Educational Development (EMCED) and as faculty at various universities and colleges throughout Connecticut, Mississippi and Washington State and taught at Harbin University in China. Norma earned her BA in English and a MAT in Education from Connecticut College, a Sixth Year Certificate of Advanced Studies Degree (CAS) in Liberal Studies from Wesleyan University (CT) and a Ph.D. in Literature from the University of Rhode Island. She completed postgraduate work at Mississippi State University, Cambridge University (England) and Dartmouth College (NH).

Phone: 202-775-6488